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November 29, 2012


Y’all better gather your girls for the harem revolution.  Sorry I said, “Y’all.”—I must be watching too much Honey Boo Boo.

Seriously though; if skinny jeans aren’t your thing, stores like Zara are offering a roomy AND flattering alternative, harem pants.  The draped crotch and high waist provide both coverage and comfort, while the cropped and tapered legs keep you sleek—and showcase your ShoeDazzle shoes.  In keeping with the playful proportions vibe, our stylists suggest you try a bulky wedge like Sabella or a stiletto bootie like Elisabeth. Go big or go home (alone).

You can even get your guy in on the game. Levi’s 520’s quasi-harem cut will help him with the transition. I got these in Rio.

Richy T – Quite crotchety

November 8, 2012

1. Red Nails

2. Red Lips

3. Red Velvet

4. Red Dress

5. Red Shoes

We will never tire of good, old-fashioned cleavage, but we do adore a new way to show some skin. That’s why when the world took notice of Angelina’s leg at the Oscar’s we were devising a plan to work the high slitted skirt into our sexy repertoire and get a leg-up on the competition, so to speak. Unexpected and very risque, this look has that hard-to-find combo of being both subtle and totally in your face. We love, love, love it, but how to pull it off without looking over the top?

The thigh-high slit comes in varied forms. Traditionally, or maybe, not-so-traditonally, it comes to a screeching halt below your hip bone on one side. Easier-to-wear styles have slits that reach just above the knee, and these are equally enticing, though subtler. There are lots of maxi skirts on the market with slits on both sides, making for lots of legs and also big trouble when the wind blows. Tight or flowing, skirts or dresses, tone down the legginess of the look with wedges for daytime or casual wear and then go all the way in stilettos for night or when you want to make a statement. But as always, when you’re showing off one asset, be sure to keep everything else in check, that means boobs, ladies, because this look really demands all eyes on leg. Plus we’d really hate to literally stop traffic and cause a car wreck. Be safe.


Some people shop with the intention of picking an item in a certain color, to go with a certain other color, or something in a specific cut, that will work well with an accompanying style. But this fall, instead of focusing on these standard details, I encourage you to look closer at your garments and instead, mix and match your ensembles based on texture. Read More

September 24, 2012

I usually know a trend that will catch on when I see one– but the peplum? It became a thing this spring and I swore it was going to be a mere blip on fashion radar, everywhere one minute, and then the next– poof! Gone. But it looks like the peplum actually has a point, and it plans to stay around for at least another season, parading on shirts, dresses and skirts in colors that will be wearable into winter. But speaking of wear-ability, would you rock a peplum?  Read More

September 24, 2012

The first time I donned a crop top, my guy friend asked me where the other half of my shirt was. Needless to say, sporting your bare midriff is not for the feint of heart, only extremely bold or freakishly beautiful girls can do it, until now (I’d say I belong with the former, fyi).  Read More