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Hi Sharon!  How are you?  Will you let everyone know what your title is here at ShoeDazzle?

Sharon:  Sure!  I am a Product Manager here at ShoeDazzle and I love it!

What is it like being a product manager for ShoeDazzle?

S:  My career has been very exciting here!  As a Product Manager, my main responsibility is to help make the website a great shopping experience for our lovely ladies.  With the recent release of our new site, it was amazing to be part of an innovation that made ShoeDazzle more fun for everyone.

What do you wear when you want to look business chic?

S:  I’m obsessed with peplums right now.  I love how versatile they are.  You can look sharp for work and classy when you’re out for the evenings.  No matter what body type you have, Peplum gives you an instant hourglass figure.  Who wouldn’t want that?

What was your most recent purchase from your February showroom?

S:  Evans!  I decided to change it up and get a cute mint clutch — something I’ve been trying to find for months.  I can’t wait to use it this weekend.

What are you some of your favorite things about your job?

S:  I love working in e-commerce and fashion.  It’s the perfect intersection of two worlds that I absolutely love.  I also never know what to expect.  One day, I will be optimizing our website, then the next day, I could be thinking of new concepts for awesome new projects.  It’s great.  ShoeDazzle keeps me on my toes.

Tell us 3 fun facts about you.

S:  1.  I pulled an airplane before (with the help of my classmates).  2.  I used to be a Bridal Consultant and discovered that bridezilllas really exist.  3.  I am a nomad–I’ve moved 10 times in the last 9 years.

Florals and sneaker wedges are trending right now.  Do you have any of them in your wardrobe?

S:  Yes!  Sneaker wedges! I love how comfortable they are….and it makes me nostalgic of the 90′s.

What’s on your bucket list?

S:  My bucket list includes a LOT of traveling.  I want to visit every country one day because I really value new experiences.  I’m also dying to see the Lantern Festival in Thailand.  It’s so beautiful and romantic…almost surreal.  If you’ve ever seen Tangled, it’s like the lantern scene but in real life.

Favorite actor/human of all time?

S:  That’s a no brainer–Ryan Reynolds.  He just gets finer with time!  Please tell me he’ll be in more movies this year.

Advice for the girl that want’s it all?

S:  Whatever it is, your passion is your most important asset.  I think everything else falls into place when you do what you love and you’re willing to give it your all.

Lastly, tell us a random story!

S:  While walking form the subway station to my boyfriend’s place in Downtown (yes, I actually take the subway in LA), I saw Batman zoom past me in his Batbike.  That was crazy surreal.  I could feel my heart skip a beat.

Love it!  We can still believe in superheroes, right?  Thanks, Sharon!

On Sharon:  Brona

1.  Hey Lydia!  Look at you wearing the curved wedge!  For those that have not dared to rock them yet, do you have any advice?

Lydia:  Don’t even think twice about them!  They’re just as easy to walk in as a stiletto.  You will always find me in a wedge.

2.  Being an associate buyer, you see every shoe shape, size, style…you name it, you’ve seen it.  What’s it like buying so many shoes all the time?

L:  I love seeing all of the designs and inspirations.  It’s a great feeling bringing that back for our clients.

3.  Yes!  We thank you for it!  It’s been great seeing our shoe selections expand.  How many pairs would you say you (roughly) own?

L:  I’d say the good thing about me is that I’m not a pack rat.  On average, I’m rotating about 80 pairs of shoes.  I’m definitely an “out with the old and in with the new” kind of gal so if I find something I love, I will allays make room for it in my closet.

4.  You must have a giant shoe closet!  We’re also loving everything about nail art right now.  What’s your favorite nail trend of the moment?

L:  I love embellishments, gold dust and adding your own loose glitter onto the nail polish.  On NYE, I had a black nail polish base with silver dust on top.

5.  Sounds dazzling!  What’s on top of your to-do list this year?

L:  To travel more!  The best way to see more is by getting out there more.  Some places you may not ever think about traveling to might have some of the best fashion trends!  Part of my family lives in Israel and I love going to visit.  We got to visit them last summer and I was able to really appreciate not only the history and culture but I also recognized more of the fashion side.  It was great!  Shenken street was full of amazing fashion finds!

6.  That’s great!  Thanks for the insider shopping scoop.  What are three things you want to tell us about yourself?  Make one weird!

L:  1.)  If anyone ever invites me to watch live music, I’m there.  I love watching new and interesting music of any sorts.

2.)  When I’m not in high heels, I’m running around in soccer cleats with my inter mural team.

3.)  For the weird one…I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

7.  Music, fashion and sports.  Not a bad life!  You’re headed to Vegas soon for the Magic Trade Show.  Have any fun Vegas stories you would want to share with us?

L:  Well….as we all know, Vegas is a really crazy place.  You never know what’s going to happen.  I’ve ended up at the Hugh Hefner Suite watching Kanye West preform.  I was also randomly entered into a Halloween contest one year by someone who was running the club.

8.  Did you win?

L:  Unfortunately no, but I made a really sweet peacock costume with about a hundred peacock feathers.

9.  You put in a lot of work for that one!  Okay, fill in the blank for our readers.  Every girl should have at least ____ pairs of shoes.

L:  Every girl should have enough shoes for every possible occasion!

10.  That’s why we’re here!  Thanks for catching up with us.  What can we look forward to this year?

L:  New embellishments, prints, cut outs and tons of metal.  Oh, we’ll also get to see lots more cool new sneakers with mixed materials!

Awesome!  Thanks again Lydia!

Shop Lydia’s shoe:  Mandalique (coming soon!)

1. Hey Duke!  How’s your day been?

To be honest, it’s a little ruff (pun intended) since the holidays and New Year’s Eve parties were so fun. I really love sleeping in so today feels like a Monday…I’m a little grumpy.

2.  That’s OK.  We think everyone’s a little tired today.  Next to making everyone’s day at work, what are some of the other perks about being a dog at the job?

I’m surrounded by hot models who lavish attention on me all day long! Also, there are tons of oversized handbags everywhere that I can take naps on or in.

3.  Now that doesn’t sound bad at all.  Let’s talk about your human dad, Henry.  We all know he’s a great photographer, but what’s he like?  Does he ever make you steaks for dinner?

Henry is the best dad in the entire world. He always takes me on adventures in his fast car and makes sure that I am well-fed and and getting plenty of fresh air. I like to think that I help him out on photo shoots by helping break the ice and making everyone laugh with my antics.

4.  We bet you’ll get extra treats once Henry reads this!  Next to sleeping, what’s your favorite past-time activity?

I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing games on Henry’s iPad, and listening to good tunes like “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit. It’s also very nice to have the New York Times read aloud to me (I really like Wednesday’s Dining & Wine section!). Most of my day is spent trying to get people to feed me snacks. Do you have any food?

5.  Don’t worry, you’ll get a snack once we’re done.  What’s your favorite kind of shoe?

High-top sneakers! I gotta get cool kicks like my dad’s so we can match (have you seen my blue zip-up hoodie?!) and go running together.

6.  That’s what we thought but figured we should double check.  Now, fill in the blank.  The best part about being a dog is ___.

How easy it is to get people to love me. Also, the snacks.

7.  Would you rather…chase after a squirrel or a cat?

Cats are my sworn enemy, but I try not to pay too much attention to them. Seriously, what sort of animal gets itself STUCK IN A TREE and needs rescuing? Lame, right? Squirrels and I are cool.

8.  Last one.  What’s your favorite treat?

I really like hamburgers, but I only get a nibble or two of them once in awhile.  Dad says they’re not good for my health, but he’s always having hamburger cook-off contests.  Oh, and anything with bacon!

We’re excited to eat!

Let’s go for a run.  Shop:  sneaker wedges


1. Hi Tam! You’re one of our resident copywriters, and quite frankly, one of the funniest people we know. When did you realize you had a certain “calling,” if you will, to write?

It first occurred to me that I might have a writing problem when I couldn’t resist fixing grammatically incorrect signs, menus, and cereal boxes while in elementary school. Yup, I was a joy to be around. I was also addicted to winning essay contests, probably because I knew that I’d never win a swim meet or become an Olympic gymnast.

2.  What are some of your favorite things about working at ShoeDazzle?

I get to concept and brainstorm new ideas with an incredibly talented and awesomely quirky team nearly every single day. We work together on new and inspiring campaigns and push each other to be better creatives. I’m really lucky in that I can combine my love of good copy/marketing and fashion/pop culture with my love of typography and design. We even have a cool resident dog to play with in the Photo Studio!

3.  The ever so adorable Duke!  Now, let’s talk about YOUR BAND.  Wartime Recitals. Tell us about it.

We started Wartime Recitals in the summer of 2010 because we all missed writing/playing music and wanted a personal project. Half of my band was in high school marching band together (Taylor Swift is wrong—guys do not often find the band geek more attractive than the cheerleader); I was also in a high school pop-punk band with our drummer. I play the glockenspiel (like the xylophone but smaller) and sing along with our lead singer/guitarist. Our band consists of me and five awesome guys who love writing good music and rocking out together. We’ve been described as the love child of Arcade Fire, Local Natives, and Ben Folds Five, but you can decide that for yourself. Listen to and download our songs at www.wartimerecitals.com.

4.  You are a busy woman!  If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

I’d be a cool lace-up Oxford or the old-school Converse sneaker. Vintage meets modern, a style that can be dressed up or dressed down. Definitely laid-back, a little retro, and without a crazy-high heel. I like to be prepared in case there’s a fire drill or emergency situation that involves running (example: zombie apocalypse, angry bears). I would prefer not to run down flights of stairs or scale a fence in heels.

5.  Who’s going to be your New Year’s kiss?  Do we get to know?  :)

There’s a lot of pressure leading up to that moment! I never kiss and tell. Why, are you volunteering?

6.  Well, guess we’ll have to follow up in January!  ;)   Since you’re a writer, what’s your favorite & least favorite word?

I have a soft spot for funny-sounding, old-timey words like “shenanigans” and “bumbershoot.” This may not count for least favorite words, but I can’t handle it when people use the wrong form of words like “your” and “you’re” or “it’s” and “its.” The word “moist” is also super awkward. Please don’t ever use that word.

7.  Tomato or to-ma-to?

That’s a a very personal choice, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get away with saying “toh-mah-to” unless you’re wearing a tiara and have a royal title.

Thanks Tam!

Her shoes:   You’re just going to have to wait until January!  ;)


Meet the coolest Cori we know.  She’s also our digital asset manager here.

1.  Hi Cori!  How’s it going? What’s your typical day like?

A typical day consists of editing photos, color checking/organizing product photos, uploading images to the website, etc.  I coordinate the photo team to make sure we hit all of our retouch deadlines for product, lookbooks and various other campaigns to make sure the photos look good and consistent!

2.  That’s a lot of photos!  You have the coolest heterochromatic eyes ever.  How many people ask you about that every day?


3.  You seem to really enjoy photography.  What’s your favorite subject to photograph?

I think fog is my most favorite subject.  Fog makes everything look awesome.

4.  Fill in the blank.  My most favorite thing to do is ___.


5.  Favorite rap song?

Tough question.  I think I’ll go with Topback by T.I.  I like my beat down low…

6.  Plans for the holiday?

Heading back to Michigan to spend time with my family.

 7.  Sounds lovely.  Michigan is great!  Lastly, the best thing about working for ShoeDazzle is ___.

Trying on shoes!

Cori’s wearing Proud.

Meet our wardrobe stylists with the magic touch.  Check out our interview with the gorgeous Ashley and her equally beautiful assistant Debbie.    

 1.  Ashley and Debbie, how did you two become stylists?

Ashley:  I studied Graphic Design at Otis Collge of Art and Desgin, hated the desk but loved working on fashion spreads.  That job exposed me to styling and Ta-Da!

Debbie:  I went to school for apparel manufacturing, got tired of design and started assisting stylists and the rest is history.

2.  Well put.  Now, who is your fashion icon?

A:  Of all time, Audrey Hepburn.  Currently, Miroslava Duma.  She’s petite like me and is super inspiring in the way she puts things together.

D:  Rihanna.  She’s the perfect mix of street and high fashion.

3.  What’s currently on your playlists?  (They did a combo play list.  How cute is that?)

Do You — Miguel

Genesis — Grimes

1991 — Azealia Banks

Heartbreaker — Crazy P

Anything Kendrick Lamar

4.  Where’s your next travel destination?

A:  Miami for New Years.

D:  Mexico City for New Years.

5.  Well that sounds like guaranteed fun!  Last, but definitely not least, describe your style in three words.

A:  A bit timeless, minimal and moody

D:  Graphic, street and refined

Thanks you two!  It’s always a pleasure!

On Ashely:  Carine

On Debbie:  Kirie



1. Hi Stephanie! Our first question we have to ask you is… aside from your creative crew, what are some of your favorite things about your job?

I love that every day is different and I get to see projects from beginning to end. It’s pretty awesome to see beautiful work go up on our site knowing everything it takes to make it happen. I also get to meet super talented models/hair/MUA from all over the world. It’s a dream job for sure!

2. What do find inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere! Concerts, the farmers market, hiking, the flea market, random bike rides, and people watching!

3. Fill in the blank for us. The best part about being a girl is ___.

Putting on a bold lip.

4. We heard you’re a nail freak. Whats the deal?

Yeah, I love nails, it’s weird. I remember back in middle school I used to change my nail polish every night to match my outfit. Who needs a polish change?!

5. That’s incredibly awesome. Let’s talk coffee. Hot or iced?

Oh tough one. What time of year is it? I’ll go with hot!

6. Top 5 songs on your play list right now?

The last 5 songs I’ve shazm’d: Houdini by Foster the People, Spectrum by Florence + The Machines, Genesis by Grimes, Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue and Monster by Kanye.

7. What are you looking forward to most this holiday?

R&R, eating good food with friends and family and a road trip to Big Sur!Thanks Stephanie! It’s been so fun chatting and catching up with you!

Shop Stephanie’s super cute pumps:  Amy 

Say hello to Lauren.  She’s one of our coolest graphic designers here.

Hi Lauren!  Describe yourself in 5 words for us.

Expert-bruncher, daydream believer, art-nerd, foodie, Rothko Fan.

2.  What do you turn to for inspiration?

I like the newest, freshest, weirder things. I love to cruise my friend’s blog Trendland for the latest in everything including music. When I need an inspiration lift, I watch the Dior film called “Lasting Impressions“. It’s a fashion film about a girl running through Versailles in Dior Couture to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”. Definitely watch it!

3.  Graphic designing isn’t easy.  Any tips for the graphic-designing-impaired?

Hmm graphic design tips…
(1) In any design stick to using only one to three different fonts, it makes it look much more professional. (2) Stay away from text effects like drop-shadows and outer-glows, stuff can go bad real quick! (3) Only work on projects you love.

4.  When you’re not at work you’re …

…with my After School Special Club.  My girlfriends and I started a club where we delve into a new hobby each month. This month we did rock climbing. Side note: Rock-climbing gyms are full of handsome rugged boys.

5.  We heard you have a cat with a pretty rad name.  Care to tell us the details?

We named him Leonardo DiCatrio. Yes, it’s ridiculous.

6.  What’s your favorite city and why?

Paris! The parks, the food, le petit cafés, the metro. I just don’t think you can have a bad day in Paris.

7.  Favorite things about the city you live in?

I live in Venice, the best part about living there is it’s the only part of Los Angeles where its actually easier to walk or ride a bike and we have tons of little cool shops and cafes. Taking the driving out of the LA lifestyle is a major plus!

8.  What are the first three things you learned on the job that you didn’t learn in school?

1. The fashion industry is not as glamorous as it looks.  It’s hard, fast-paced work but that’s why it is so addictive and fun. 2. Make sure the company you work for is a good culture fit for YOU.  ShoeDazzle is full of fun, creative, intelligent people so I love working (and playing) with everybody here. 3. Take risks with your creative projects, throw tons of new ideas out there until something sticks.

Shop Lauren’s shoes:  Lillian 

July 26, 2012

Jenny N. (our UI tech gal) is one pedicure purist. When she’s not rocking some seriously fabulous footwear in our office, her summer-hued pedi’s are always the talk of the day. We keep one asking how does she keep her peep toe colours to last for so long? So, we turned to celebrity nail stylist, Jenna Hipp to share her best tips on extending our multi-hued, glittery topped pedicures. Jenna says:

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #1: Brands Matter: More than just remembering to use a base and top coat, be sure polishes are free of formaldehyde and DBP. (Not sure? Check it out by typing in your products at www.cosmeticdatabase.com)

Because most companies create their formulas to work together, it’s best to use them together to ensure your highest quality manicure. Also, your top coat doubles as a great refresher every few days to keep your pedi strong and looking brand new.

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #2: If you haven’t been consuming enough water, it shows in your skin, especially your hands and feet. Additionally, it is a main cause of swelling in the ankles. Drink filtered water infused with cubes of fresh fruit such as grapes, pineapple or cantaloupe to add flavor as well as vitamins to keep skin healthy and glowing from the inside out!

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #3: BE NICE TO NAILS! Start sourcing organic topical products and at home remedies.

People notice nails more than you would like to think. Prevention and maintenance- don’t wait, start NOW! For most of us, great looking hands and feet don’t just happen overnight. Start by budgeting in weekly to monthly mani/pedi’s or give your nails a little more attention at home.

To whiten nails, try this easy at home remedy:

Baking soda with lemon juice. Mix together and scrub nails with nail brush or toothbrush. Dip tips in hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. Wash hands and moisturize with damp hands with jojoba oil. Dab dry with a cotton towel.


Brights tips bring in sunshine and optimism and translate into a fresh beginning. Full of energy, tangerine orange, and hot pinks are top pedicure pick me ups for this 2012. Bold colors are perfect for toes and a great way to show personality without being too over the top. No matter what, skip the french pedi- The look is overdone and un-natural.

Chartreuse and mustard are heavy hitters this summer as well as shades that have an organic, earthy feel. Neon’s will be popping up throughout the season well into fall on accent nails as peek-a-boo teasers.


“Minty” by RGB cosmetics

“Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me” by NCLA

“Kutki” by Nars

“Cosmo” by Dior

Besides color, nail polish formula is also shaping up for summer by lightening up. Look for your favorite opaque color in a sheer or transparent formula, or instead wear just one coat. We took our own advice and created HIPPxRGB Nail Tints to give our nude nail loving fans more customizable options. HIPPxRGB Nude Nail System allows you to choose your color and your coverage as well as customize it to match your skin tone. Fans include Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad and Michelle Williams.

July 24, 2012

It’s barely been a week since we’ve unveiled ShoeDazzle’s newly revamped design studio. But, if there’s one thing about fashion that everyone agrees upon it’s that the industry insiders love nothing more than to come across fresh, delightful talents who know all about how fashion intersects art in that very cool way.

As if Jennifer Rae Ochs hadn’t already reinvented the way mixed media, sculpture, and photography are experienced, the insuperably elegant visual artist has now upped her creative quotient by decorating our studio with high energy splashings of airy colour to the once bare walls. And, she wasn’t the only one inspired.

Our style-struck gazes were so ‘smitt’ with Jennifer’s strokes of genius, that Senior Director of Design Alejandro Blanco decided to take Jennifer’s painting – the Verdant – and re-create it into a dress – the Marlena – as a homage to her gloriously fun whirls of sumptuous hues whirling against the stark, white walls.

Hotness like this doesn’t happen overnight. So, we asked Jennifer about her inspirations on high style, her inspirations and about our custom design for ShoeDazzle and more.

SD: What was the inspiration for artwork that inspired the Marlena dress in the Madison collection?

JRO: Alejandro has incredible creative vision; he was immediately drawn to the Verdant painting. I knew he would use the Verdant masterpiece to create wearable/functional art. For this venture, it was important to take the art “off the wall” and extend a true interactive art experience. The beautiful element to this is it allows the clothing collector to further evolve their experience and self-express.

Verdant is a two panel piece, (18” x 24”/each), acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas. Verdant is a highly texturized piece by incorporating a mixture of minerals. Painting to me is not an exercise in randomness but rather an endeavor to shine light. I am interested in things that are beautiful, aesthetic delights. During the creative process, I focus on the impact of experience; less interested in the aggregate truth.

SD: How do art & fashion inspire one another?

JRO:Art inspires fashion. Fashion inspires an individual, as a blank canvas, to create one’s own artful aesthetic.

SD: How did the idea translate from taking your wall art into a fully fashionable dress design?

JRO: I am constantly surrounded by my paintings, seven years ago; I decided I loved my work so much, I only wished I could wear it. After years of learning about the fashion industry and consulting with those inside the industry, I knew it was only time before I found the right partner. Thanks Shoe Dazzle!

SD: Who would you say are today’s most influential artists affecting the fashion scene and why?

JRO: Takashi Murakami because he has diversified his artistic endeavors nicely.

SD: What’s your favourite fashion piece in your closet right now?

JRO: A gorgeous layered dress by French Designer, Lauren Vidal.