Mama Knows Best: Words of Wisdom from the OGs in Our Life

Although we’re all about celebrating mamas year-round, Mother’s Day is the time to go all out for the OGs in our lives. We’ve received sooo much advice (often unsolicited…) from our mothers throughout the years that we decided to honor their words of wisdom and showcase the most valuable lessons they taught us. Here are some members of the ShoeDazzle Team showing major love for the women they got it from.

Danae Y. – Copywriter
Danae & Mom
My mom has taught me a lot over the years, but there’s one lesson that stands out amongst the rest: Always Be Positive. She’s the kind of person who sees the good in everyone. She’s sickeningly happy! Always waking up singing around the house each and every morning… annoying, right? Wrong. In fact, it’s contagious. Her positive outlook on life has helped me through some tough times. I don’t really know what I would do without you, mom. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you!

Chloe C. – Project Manager
Chloe & Mom
My mom has always been the strongest person I know, from waking up at 5am to shuttle us to Figure Skating in the mornings, to holding down two jobs as a new grad. She’s always been the epitome of strength and courage as a minority woman. She taught me to always stand up for myself, whether it was on the field as I was being shoved about, or when I was working at a retail job, at a high-end jewelry store. My mom never let me manage a fight on my own. To this day, I still call her for professional and personal advice. She’s my best friend, and my rock.

Caroline G. – PR Associate 

My mom is the most loving, caring and supportive woman I know. Life is unpredictable and can throw you some curve balls, yet I know no matter what my mom will always be there for me, good or bad, celebrating an exciting life moment or painful experience. She’s taught me the virtues of kindness, love and forgiveness – values now fostered within me and values that have guided me throughout my life.

Bailey M. – Social Media Manager

BaileyI I I am my mother’s daughter. From camping to cooking, sewing to singing, girl scouts to guy problems – I have a lot to thank my mom for. She has always taught me the value of things and to live in the moment. My childhood is sprinkled with colorful memories of crafting and getting creative with my mom as she always encouraged my sisters and I to think outside the box. School projects always turned into special masterpieces and Halloween costumes were always homemade. I continue to learn from my mom and admire her for her tremendous strength in raising my sisters and I.

Lexi S. – Copywriter

My mama taught me strength, to be assertive and to never give up. As a single mother living in a new country she worked hard studying English and working two jobs to give me every opportunity imaginable, and unimaginable. She also taught me the importance of confidence. My mom’s like the most interesting man in the world… except she’s a gorgeous woman. She’s always full of life, wild stories and endless creativity that draws everyone in sight to her – all due to how she carries herself and to the fact that she can back up that self-assurance with a world of knowledge.

Thank you mom for all that you’ve done for me and for always helping me get back up when I fall. I love you!

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