Celebrity Spotlight: Valisia Lekae

ValisiaLeka 6.11.13

Motown the Musical’s Valisia Lekae, who stars as Diana Ross, took a moment to share exclusive ShoeDazzle scoop about moments that led up to the Tony Awards and her very first Broadway play. 

ShoeDazzle: Tell us, how were the Tony Awards?

Valisia Lekae: I had the time of my life! It was my first time attending the Tony’s as a nominee! 5 years ago, I put on my vision board “Star in a Broadway show and the words: TONY Awards.” It was nice to see that vision become a reality!  My favorite part was wearing my dress which was designed for me by ESOSA, and seeing all the performances!

ShoeDazzle: Where were you when you first found out you were nominated?

Valisia Lekae: In bed! I didn’t want to listen or watch. 8 mins went by and my phone didn’t ring (the ringer wasn’t working). So, I picked up my phone and saw all of the text messages!

ShoeDazzle: How did you get started on Broadway?

Valisia Lekae: Over 10 years ago, a friend of mine sent me in on her theatre audition. That audition spun a lot of other theatre opportunities; regionally, touring, Off-Broadway and Broadway! My 1st Broadway show was in 2006, I was a swing (off-stage cover) in The Three Penny Opera starring Cyndi Lauper and Alan Cumming!

ShoeDazzle: How do you prepare before a show, any routines?

Valisia Lekae: I vocalize, stretch, pray/mediate!  I also enjoy listening to Deepak Chopra and classical music, particularly Erik Satie!

ShoeDazzle: When did you first start dancing and singing?

Valisia Lekae: I started singing in church when I was six! My mother was a natural born dancer, so that was handed down to me. But, when we could no longer afford for me to attend ballet classes, my mother would teach me ballet stretches in order to keep me flexible.

ShoeDazzle: What is your dream role?

 Valisia Lekae: Playing Diana Ross in the stage is pretty spectacular! But, I would love to portray her on the big screen in a movie  about her life!

ShoeDazzle: What is your favorite Supreme’s song?

Valisia Lekae: It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I do like  “The Happening,” “Reflections,” and “Baby Love!”

ShoeDazzle: Any fun facts you want to share?

Valisia Lekae: I love dogs, I have 3. I wasn’t obsessed with shoes until my dresser, Richard Gross introduced me to ShoeDazzle. I have a big sweet tooth, cakes pies you name it! My favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5 (it’s also my guilty pleasure!) and I’m obsessed with all things Tiffany’s!

Valisia is pictured wearing the Sabina.

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