Cheers to our 7th Birthday!

Time to blow out the candles for our 7th birthday! We’re grabbing our birthday shoes, our birthday hat, a tall glass of pink champagne, and some CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE (insert Rihanna lyric here) to celebrate all things shoes! We are so proud to have served our dazzling fans throughout the years, and continuing to bring you shoes you love at amazing prices. So join us in celebrating the 7 things we love about shoes!


  1. Men are nice accessories, but shoe love is TRUE LOVE.
  2. Your shoes make an entrance before you do. Hello, I’m here!
  3. Your heels give you a different kind of high! And we’re not talking about the kind that has you up at 4 AM eating countless snacks.
  4. Shoe shopping is better than therapy. Oh, and cheaper!
  5. Have you seen a woman strut in a new pair of stilettos?!
  6. We all know that if you leave your glass slipper, your Prince Charming is bound to find it! DUH!
  7. If you collect cats, you’re called a Cat Lady. If you collect shoes, you’re just known for a really nice shoe closet.


What are your favorite things about shoes? Comment below and let us know!

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