Styling 101: Summer-To-Fall with @chigisworld

Hi Ladies! How is everyone doing? This is Chigi the Lifestyle Influencer & Brand Consultant behind Chigi’s World and I’m sending lots of love from Houston.  I know the last 2 weeks have been all about going back to school for lots of people, which is why I decided to do my photoshoot on the campus of Rice University. Back to school season is usually a sign that our summer adventures have come to an end and it’s time to transition into fall for a new season and a new chapter in our lives.

When transitioning into fall, you have to remember that you can still wear a lot of your spring and summer clothes, but incorporate certain pieces to complete your look so you stay warm and comfortable while remaining chic and stylish.

September is around the corner and with that comes a cooler front in most places. Just remember, ShoeDazzle is a one-stop shop for trendy and affordable pieces for women during all four seasons. Here are a few tips and items you can add to your wardrobe to transition into fall right now!

Layer: This is one of the easiest ways to cover up and stay warm as the fall chill comes in. You can either layer with a Kimono, shirt, sweater, blazer or a jacket (like I did).

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Cover Up More: Before you pull out the pants and thick coats for the cold, an easy way to embrace fall is to wear longer clothes like maxi and midi dresses or jumpsuits instead of mini dresses and rompers. Also, you can get more coverage and stay warm by wearing longer sleeves like the Shift dress I wore.

Wear Bold Colors: This is a great way to change up your look and keep things fun, fresh and interesting. You can start incorporating fall colors like orange, red, burgundy, purple, teal and different shades of brown like caramel into your outfits, and also your makeup with your eye shadow or lipstick.

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Wear Hats or Head Wraps: As we go from summer to fall, you can still wear your summer clothes with all the fun floral and stripe prints because they are timeless, but you can create a brand-new look by switching up your accessories. For example, you can trade in your straw beach hats for fedoras, berets, beanies or head wraps.

Wear Booties and Sneakers:  This is one of the quickest ways to transform your style and transition into a new season. As we enter fall, you can start wearing more sneakers for a casual look instead of flip flops and you can retire your sandals by bringing out your booties or boots based on the temperature in your city.

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So, regardless of your body type, shape, size, or budget, you can always transition into a new season in style with ShoeDazzle. Incorporate classic items with trendy pieces to create different looks so you are confident, comfortable, classy and chic, and you’re good to go!

For more shopping and style tips, find Chigi on Instagram @chigisworld

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