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Natasha Khan
Natasha is the Director of Social Media at ShoeDazzle. Though she’s lived in Bangladesh, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, she now calls Cali home. Before joining JustFab Inc., she led the social media program at vintage e-tailer ModCloth. Her personal style can be described as girly, casual and colorful. Outside of social media and fashion, she is passionate about her family, giving back to her community, and writing. She has been the publisher of SAPNAmagazine.com, an e-zine for South Asian-American women, since 2004.

Shayla Williams
Shayla was born and raised in Los Angeles. She developed a love for all things fashion when she was a little girl; with dreams of becoming a designer. That didn’t quite happen, but somehow she made her way to ShoeDazzle where she currently is a Social Media Coordinator. She spends her spare time online shopping and researching her favorite blogs.

Maggie Katreva
If Maggie could be described in a few words, would be a ball of energy. She moved to Los Angeles in her late teens to pursue a degree in Communications at California State University Northridge. As the Social Media Manager for ShoeDazzle, you don’t even have to guess – she loves talking, walking and working all things shoes. The beach, tennis and rowing are some of the things that keep her occupied when she’s not at work.

Stephanie Pizzuti
Stephanie is a typical Southern Californian who loves the sun, the beach and pool parties, and highly dislikes the rain, mostly because it makes her hair frizz. Her everyday style is simple and classic with a feminine touch. With a background in Communication and Business Management studies, she coordinates the brand ambassador programs at JustFab, Inc., working with social media influencers across the country to spread brand awareness. Outside of work, you can find her at Starbucks, doing yoga, spending time with family and friends or watching reruns of The Office on Netflix. She is moderately obsessed with cats, but is most definitely not a crazy cat lady – there is a big difference.

Danae Young
Born and raised in Southern California, Danae made the tough call to travel to the far lands of Arizona for college where she got her degree in Digital Journalism. Since then she has pursued her passion for fashion with a career as a Copywriter for ShoeDazzle and is super excited to be a contributor to The Platform. As much as she adores a fabulous pump, she’s also a girl with a love for throwing on a pair of sneaks and hitting the gym.

Gary Barfield
Gary is the Community Team Leader for JustFab Inc. which includes Shoedazzle. He relocated to California by the way of North Carolina. He brings his southern charm and sense of style to the team. He started his career with JustFab at our North Carolina office working in our Member Services Department, and continues to put customers first. In his spare time he enjoys thrifting, art shows and being a whiskey connoisseur. His sense of style would fall into the refined street style category.

Erin Cohen
Erin is an East Coast girl living in Los Angeles. She loves where she’s from, but doesn’t love the cold, so Southern California is the perfect balance of laid-back culture for her. She began her professional career in fashion styling, but made the switch over to Social Media when she started at ShoeDazzle a few years ago. She is passionate about putting looks together, as well as pairing fierce copy to go with it. In her spare time Erin loves to cook, hang out, and go to the beach. A true Cali girl transplant!

Melissa Tierney
Melissa is the Social Media and Influencer Relations Associate at FabKids. Originally from New York, Melissa brings both her professional experience and personal background with blogging and social media, as she writes her own fashion and lifestyle blog as well, MissyOnMadison.com. Outside of social media and blogging, she loves popcorn, pops of color and of course…shoes!

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