Culture Shock: Tinder Loins

We all know there are plenty of other fish in the dating app sea, but most are merely “okay” at playing Cupid. If only you could shop for dates like you shop for ShoeDazzle shoes.

Oh wait, you can on ‘Tinder’ and ‘Twine’.

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Both are pretty much spinoffs of one of my favorite games, Hot or Not, but on Tinder you get a a profile and “matches” that like the same things (on Facebook) that you do.

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Just like real life, there’s no gray area; wannabe dates get either “liked” or “noped” and only when two people ‘like’ each other are they able to communicate via IM.

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Twine adds to the fire Tinder started by giving users the ability to ask a question to their smartphone suitors. It’s a dating game that makes it easier to win.

A good friend of mine said these sites are ‘like ShoeDazzle; if you don’t like it, don’t buy it because there’s always other options.”

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While we’re on the subject of dating apps, how about we talk about How About We. This app lets you suggest random ideas for dates like: “how about we do cartwheels in a park?” and “how about we go drunk shopping?” Anyone interested in partaking can message you. If nothing else, you can get some really great date ideas; it’s like a dating look book, inspirational.

Richy T. — save the date.

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