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If you liked it, then you shoulda dripped a ring on it—instead of just nailed it.

Clearly, we’ve managed to manually cure the common French Tip with creative colors, dazzling decals, and fun filing. So the question becomes “what’s my next manicure about?” and “can I handle it?” reports that a brand by the name of “Beyond” by Rad Nails is nailing the next level of digit-al fashion. It’s cute and it’s cuticle.

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“Another Round,” “Your Point??,” and “In a Pinch” (in order from top to bottom) invite you to finger it out.

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The area just above your nail is poised to become prime fashion real estate this year with both temporary and potentially permanent tattoo options.

Permanent tattoos sound painful, but they might make you reconsider the meaning of flipping someone off.

Richy T. – Go finger.

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