D.E.N.I.M. Done the #ShoeDazzleGirl Way

It’s no secret that the SD team is obsessed with anything and everything denim. And because our main love is shoes (duh!), we’ve started to get super creative by adding denim to more than pants these days.

This season, we incorporated denim into our favorite pairs, making it easy to rock your most-loved trend ‘round the clock. And because #ShoeDazzleGirl’s are anything but boring, we wanted to have some fun with our latest pairs – recommending them for your personality!

Read on to find the denim pair for you!



Daring girls are always up for the next challenge. Whether it’s trying something new (hello, skydiving!), or approaching that cute guy at the bar, they’re ready for anything and everything. Noni is the perfect pair for those with a daring personality because she features the comfort and functionality of a bootie – with details that make her stand out like a block heel and denim finish.



The effortless girl looks put together no matter what she’s wearing. She lives in skinnies, oversized shirts, and an easy fedora. She doesn’t follow trends and sticks to what’s cool and comfortable instead. Alina is perfect for the effortless girl because she’s easy to wear with basics in your closet but is super-chic, too!



A little bit sexy and a little bit sweet, the naughty girl makes waves wherever she goes. All about making a statement, she’s always on the prowl for the perfect opportunity to stand out. And because she’s anything-but-basic, she’s obsessed with shoes that pack a serious punch – like Francisca. Francisca boasts a sky-high heel and enough personality to turn heads in a snap.



The inspired girl is all about embracing her creativity. She’s constantly on the move, adding her creative touch here, there, and everywhere, which is why she needs a shoe to keep her comfy along the way. Kay is not only super-stylish and out-of-the-box, but she’ll give you a little extra height. 😉



The modern muse is focused on keeping her look balanced. She goes for pairs that she can incorporate into her favorite outfits, but likes to keep things simple to let them really shine. Cinthya is ideal for her because she boasts a sleek silhouette, modern pointed toe, and sophisticated ankle strap.

Which pair are you eyeing? We’d love to hear if we were spot-on with our picks!


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