Dear Stylist: Can I Wear Peplum?

Dear Stylist,

Can I really wear a peplum dress?  I’ve got hips, famously curvy ones, and want to style them up. 

Heather Says: Yes!  You can absolutely wear the Peplum trend…which I happen to share an adoration for as well! The key is finding the right style that works for your body shape and knowing how to wear it.  The peplum was modernized in the 40’s when curves were definitely in and you too should be able to make a statement in this reinvented trend with confidence.  When worn properly, the peplum will celebrate a woman’s curves and create a beautiful silhouette!

The key to the perfectly fitted peplum is in the cut and fit along with the balance between shoulder, waist and hip to achieve that ever-so-desired hourglass silhouette.  If you are pear shaped, go for a more structured shoulder line to find that perfect balance to your shape and draw attention to all the right areas.  The beauty of the peplum is that the waistband gives the fantastic illusion of a narrow waist while cleverly covering the stomach area so go for those that are set high to lengthen the distance between the waist and hips offering a fabulously feminine shape which flatters the waist to hip curve.

The peplum trend is worn best when kept simple so when deciding between solid vs. print consider that a solid dress or top and bottom will always create a more slimming effect.  However, if you’d like to add a playful print to this trend I would recommend going with a printed peplum top or jacket with solid pencil skirt or trouser to showcase a more sleek shape to the hips.  A structured and streamlined peplum cut paired with simple accessories keeps this trend modern and not too busy.  So find that peplum that’s perfect for you and show off your fabulous figure in style!

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