Demi always looks flawless, and Oscar night was no exception! She was undeniably radiant in her Atelier Versace gown.

– Not that this tiered dress isn’t spectacular, but what I love most about Demi’s look is the way it highlights her skin. Seriously, this is the red carpet equivalent of a bikini!

– Yes! Something about this dress reads “beachy”–maybe it’s the scalloped ruffles–so I’d definitely translate this look into something cruise-appropriate!

– Find accessories that combine nude tones with floral elements. They’ll help you get that tousled, elegant look.

– Combine volume with tight fits that accentuate your favorite features. If your tank is tiny, your shorts should be loose; if your jeans are skinny, your top should be flowy.

– Curves, curves, and more curves! Show them off, but temper them with classic accessories like pearls and a tan fedora!

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