Rachel McAdams compositely rocked it in Elie Saab. Granite and slate tones are a great way to transition into the saturated hues of spring!
– Look for nouveau takes on tie-dye. They’ll embody the free-form coloring of this stunning gown!

– Instead of ‘tone-on-tone’ go for ‘shade-on-shade’. The beauty of this dress is the gradual, yet erratic, fade from one color to the next. So, feel free to highlight every step in between with a moderating accessory.

– Bring volume to your look with ruffles, raffia-style gathering, and vertical seaming. Although her dress is a melange of colors, the way it drapes creates vertical lines that slim and elongate any figure!

– Emphasize the mix! This is obviously an impressionist take on an Oscar gown; so don’t be afraid to mix colors, textures, patterns, and finishes for an outfit that, while made up of discreet elements, melts together to support an overall look. Take a few steps back from the mirror to get a better perspective on how others will see you!

-This look translates into super-casual; heather gray can play a huge part in outfits that combine athletic elements, like tights and track jackets, with trendy pieces that feature ruffles and metallic finishes!

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