Dress-it-up or Down: Your Guide to Rocking a White T-shirt

It’s National White T-shirt Day, and we’re celebrating our favorite classic staple! White t-shirts have been around for ages—from the ultra sexy James Dean’s, to the casual-chic cuties like Kendall Jenner. No matter the era, the t-shirt is here to stay! Here’s how to style this timeless novelty.2-pic-collage

HAIL to the white tee and jeans-look! This is my go-to during the week, or even on a cute Friday date-night. You may be wondering, how do you dress up a white t-shirt and jeans without looking like a Calvin Clein ad (which we love, BTW)! First things first, you want to make sure your look has the right balance. If your t-shirt is baggy, incorporate that “sexy” element with a slim-fit bottom, and vice-versa. This can be your booty-lifting skinnies, or a fitted pencil skirt; or even a tight white shirt and wide leg pants. I went with the Signature Skinny jeans because they complement my curvy figure, and I’m obsessed with the blue wash. This Classic Belted Trench is a sure way to dress-up this look, and give it the Kim K. finish. Don’t have a dressy trench? Opt for a classic moto jacket, or fitted blazer.


Now let’s talk about the shoes! Your shoes and accessories are key because this is what ultimately brings the look together. I like to keep things neutral, so I introduced the cognac brown Laurita booties to contrast the blue denim, and bring out the earthy tones of the trench. To complete the look, I grabbed the Derek bag and a statement necklace. No that’s effortless!

What’s your favorite way to style your white tee?

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