Drum Roll Please…The ShoeDazzle VIP Rewards Program Is Here!

Do you enjoy getting rewarded and treated for shoes?! The average woman’s response would be “Sign me up!” Well you’re a #ShoeDazzleGirl, and you’re far from average. I’m sure by now you are hip to the amazing loyalty program – VIP Rewards – that we now offer to our VIP members. If you’re not aware (which we totally get), then here are the deets!

Earn Points For Shopping & Reviewing: For every dollar spent you receive 25 reward points! The more points you earn the better swag you can redeem and the better loyalty status you can achieve!

The More Points You Earn The Better Perks You’ll Receive: People say, “more is less” but that’s really not the case when it comes to VIP Rewards! The more points you earn, the better perks you’ll receive! We have a stocked swag-shop full of jewelry and instant discounts that’s based on a tiered system! To redeem an item in Tier 1, you’ll need a balance of 2,500 points, for Tier 2 you’ll need a balance of 4,500 points, and for Tier 3 you’ll need a balance of 6,000 points. The more points you have, the better jewelry and higher discounts!

More Points Earned = Better Perks: There’s levels to this #ShoeDazzleGirl! The more points you earn, the better your loyalty status becomes! Just like the swag shop, VIP Rewards has three tiers: VIP, VIP Silver and VIP Onyx. Check out all the great perks you can receive from the different loyalty statuses below:loyalty-chart

Your Points Expire but Your Status Doesn’t: Fret not #ShoeDazzleGirl! Just because you spend your points on awesome jewelry and discounts doesn’t mean you’ll lower in status! However, don’t get too comfy because your reward points will expire one year from the date you’ve earned them. You got time before your points expire but if you like it then redeem it! Easy as that!

Pretty much-not being a part of this loyalty program would seriously be a crime! So sign-up, and start racking in those points! Happy shopping, VIP!


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