Werk at Work: How to Incorporate Bold Shoes in the Office


Sometimes our work look can get a bit boring, especially if you don’t have many opportunities to add personality to everyday business attire. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to compromise your love for fashion; just find that happy medium with your shoes! Adding pops of color, funky patterns, and embellishments can completely turn your look around, and give you that perfect werk look you want!

Pops of Color

Don’t be scared to add some color to your work look. Color can make simple neutrals fun, but still chic. It let’s others know (just like us here at ShoeDazzle) you work hard, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. The Joleen (pictured above) not only is great for Spring, but she will definitely get you plenty of compliments around the office.


Funky Patterns

Funky patterns on your sensible pumps can surely make an impression in the office. With a retro pattern, like with the Corra pump, you can bring your street style to the office without abandoning your business casual look.


Embellishments + More

Embellishments are fun, unique, and eye catching. Zipper details, studs, and chains can easily take you from work to happy hour without having to change your outfit. They add a unique detail to your look, and you don’t have to abandon your individuality! The Atika is a great combination of color and embellishments. Can we say EYE CANDY?

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