Quiz: Are You A Jayne or Girardi?

We’ve collaborated with your absolute FAVE, Erika Jayne, for another fabulous collection. Erika wanted to make sure her pretties could walk fabulously into fall in only the trendiest shoes. Are you the boss of all boss ladies like Erika Girardi? Are you sexy and fun like Erika Jayne? Maybe you’re a perfect mix of the two personas. Take this fun quiz to discover if you’ve got more Jayne or Girardi in you or a little bit of both.

1.What’s your phone’s screensaver?

A. A motivational quote like “Dream big, work hard” is my motto.

B. A photo from the next travel destination on my list – I want to see the world!

C. A pic of my girls and me from our last girls’ night out – we all looked amazing.

2. Which are you most likely to wear?

A. A houndstooth coat because a tailored piece always completes my look well.

B. Colorblock sneakers because I like to be comfortable and always show off my unique style!

C. A leopard print bodysuit because why not?

3. What is one of your goals for this year?

A. To become an entrepreneur and start my own company!

B. To curate the perfect wardrobe and to never repeat an outfit.

C. To find a man who can live lavishly with me, where is he?

4. What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?

A. Red, duh! It’s an attention-grabbing color that always commands the room.

B. I love a sleek, black outfit when I want to feel sexy. I like to be cool and confident.

C. Bright pink—it’s my MO to stand out!

5. You’re checking out at your favorite makeup store. What’s in your basket?

A. A statement lip color all the way. I love a matte red lipstick any day of the week.

B. Just mascara. I’ve found that that’s what really matters—as long as your lashes are on point, you’re on point.

C. A better question is, what isn’t in my basket?! I have the best of the best EVERYTHING.

MOSTLY A’s: Erika Girardi

You are the woman who is ready to be the boss of everything and show it proudly. You can do it ALL, from being a mother to being the CEO of your own business, you seize the day either way! You are confident AF and not afraid to take on anything. Shop your collection now.

MOSTLY B’s: Jayne AND Girardi 

When it comes to your life, there are no rules. Some days you’re all about the glitz and glamour, while others you just want to get up and go on a solo travel adventure. You love a good GNO, don’t get it twisted, but sometimes you’d prefer a girls’ night in – Hello, face masks! Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here for it.Shop the Pretty Mess x ShoeDazzle collection now to get all of your Jayne and Girardi styles.

MOSTLY C’s: Erika Jayne

You are sassy, daring and flashy. You are the woman who isn’t afraid of being bold, and you own any room you walk into. You are always down for a night out on the town, and you always make a statement everywhere you go. You walk by and turn heads! Shop your collection, gorgeous.

Are you a Girardi or Jayne?  Let us know in the comments below! ad to The Pretty Mess x ShoeDazzle collection now to shop the XXCLUSIVE fall collection designed by Erika Jayne herself.

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