Kyle reminded me this morning that “it’s finally Friday! =),” and I couldn’t be happier. Well I could be if he ditched the smiley face. Anyway: While Yazmin Rodriguez was relaxing by the pool, Kyle, Charlie, and I were working extra diligently to scan the Wall for a few of our favorite recent quotes. A lot of them had to do with yesterday’s FanPage promotion.

For example, Stephanie Danielle said, “Oh,” and she’s right; the timeline for the contest was way too short. Thanks, in part, to Stephanie’s comment, we’re extending the offer until midnight tonight! That’s midnight, Pacific Standard Time or “3:00 Eastern time!”—as Kearstin Mary August so clearly put it. That should give those of you who, like Amy Lamson Granato, “can’t log in from work” (everyone else does) the chance to take advantage of the discount, too.

This week, we surpassed 80-thousand Facebook fans. Kyle and I promise that—between the both of us—we read each and every comment posted to the FanPage. (Hold for applause)

Although we can’t quote exactly when, they tell us more Facebook exclusives are on their way.

Here are some honorable mentions from the Wall that I tried, but failed, to include in this week’s post.

“I use moleskin and it works wonders” – Ivie Imoisili

“My man truly likes his oatmeal lumpy” – Pink bang

“Happy almost Friday” – Kyle Chandler

Richy T. – remember the time I spelled it “Kristin Cavalleri?” Me either.

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