Texts from Dad: Father’s Day Edition


Most dads struggle with the finer points of technology, but we appreciate all dads’ valiant efforts to navigate the obscure Internet terminologies and ever-expanding cell phone features. Compared to the light speed pace of technology, text messages are practically ancient. Nonetheless, they are still the unbeatable goldmine of dad jokes. To celebrate Father’s Day, we selected some iconic dad moments immortalized in this poetic medium. Can you guess which are from our own #ShoeDazzleDads?


The 411

What is up? What’s the 411? This dad doesn’t have to ask, because he already knows what’s up. He is not like a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. Ditto for everyone who gets the reference.


The Life of the Party

You might think you party hard, but your parents, like, invented partying. We can all take a lesson or two about how to spend the New Year’s Eve from this dad. Cheers to you!


The Unpredictable

Can you read between the lines? Even if you can, this dad will leave you dumfounded. It seems like a rookie mistake, but maybe it’s next-level sarcasm. We’ll never know.


The Flexer

This dad is definitely in the advanced tier of Internet slang. Look at that perfect use of “finna,” “swole,” and “right quick”! 10 out of 10 on syntax, context, and finesse.


The Guardian Angel

This one takes a minute, but it’s still priceless. Poor dad probably saw the other phone light up and face-palmed. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Better luck next time.


The Language Wizard

Creating dad lingo is a delicate craft. We actually really dig “pull through” and think you should pick it up too. “Pull through” and tell your friends.



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