Find Out What Shoe You NEED According to Your Horoscope Sign

Ready to step stylishly into spring? Thought so! While we have tons of gorg spring styles for you to choose from, we thought we’d help pick out the perfect pair for you, based on your personality! Read on for your spring horoscope and the perfect spring shoe to match!


Quirky and cool, you’re all about exploring something different and off-the-grid. That said, there’s no better time to plan something new and shake things up with your close-knit crew. Shop Tassie



As a self-professed leader, you always steer away from the crowd. That said, you create your own trends and love wearing styles that show off your contagious energy. Shop Adeline 



Stressed at work? Bummer. Sometimes, all you really need is a fun night out to press the reset button. That said, plan a fun night out on the town with the girls, get all of that energy out, and trust us – you’ll be on your a-game in no time at all. Shop Cayla


Flirty and fun, you love being in the center of the action all the time. This spring, spend time with your best girls, hitting the biggest, most-pumping parties around. You never know who you’ll meet! Shop Rosiie


This spring, host a fun get-together at your place! Whether it’s a party for friends, family, or co-workers, whip out your best dishes, cook something new, and plan a night to remember. Shop Faydra


For you, relaxing is the way to go. Take a few days off work, head to your favorite spa with your girls, and let the relaxation begin. You deserve it. Shop Aracelis


While you’re typically on the go, spring is the best time to press the reset button. Take a break at your local pool, head to a spa with the girls, or plan a relaxing weekend away with your main squeeze. Shop Neri

PISCES Social_Horoscope_Picses_NC

Romance is your thing, so go out there and meet the man of your dreams. Tired of your usual haunts? Head to a new spot solo and chill at the bar. You’re destined to meet someone special. Shop Mizo


A wanderer at heart, you’re always on the hunt for a new and exciting journey. Take a road trip with friends or your boo, and leave the maps at bay – this is a great time to discover what you really want in life. Shop Analiza 


You’re an intense and deep person, which means this is a great time to unleash that spirit. Put yourself out there and meet someone who shares the same wants as you and get ready to show off your sexy side. Shop Patita


You’re a grounded, loving individual who cares deeply about those who are close to you. And while you have a great group of people around you, now’s the time to put yourself out there and fall in love with someone extra-special!



You’re an imaginative soul, which means spring is all about traveling and exploring something new. So this season, embrace new culture, cities, foods – whatever. Just make sure it’s new and exciting. Shop Rylee

What do you think of the pair we picked for you? Sound off in the comment section below!


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