It’s Fitness Friday, isn’t it? Nope: Not this week. This Friday we’re taking a break from fitness to focus on fashion—that’s a lot of F’s in a row.

In case you haven’t heard, SoCal is being a little indecisive lately; it’s cold and cloudy all morning and then magically transitions into the sunny summer weather we pretend exists year round—which it does. Meanwhile, the east coast is hogging all the heat. If you’re feeling a little bicoastal, you may be looking for a shoe that can handle your many transitions: day to night, hot to cold, club to car. You know: the basics.

Luckily, ShoeDazzle’s Chief Stylist and seasoned, coast-to-coast jet setter, Kim Kardashian has picked a shoe that she believes is up to the ever-changing challenge; she calls Romi “a wedge with some edge.” Check out her styling tips here and keep reading for some advice based on recommendations from our other style experts (but written by me).

– The combination of black and white makes Romi twice as neutral. That means you can pair her with everything from solid gray to darker floral prints. If that means packing a handkerchief dress in your briefcase for an after-work cocktail hour, so be it.

– Romi flashes some pearly white, which brings levity to your day looks and brightens up your evening attire. Wearing white in the summer is a great way to stay cool, thermally and visually.

– Wedges will help you avoid being the girl who walks barefoot through the parking lot with her heels in her hand—not that there’s anything wrong or gross or horrific about that. Wedges are big(ger) on comfort, and Romi’s lighter base and cutout vamp read more like a high heeled sandal than a typical wedge.

I’ll be peppering my Friday posts with a mix of fitness and fashion while I look for another word that starts with the letter F.

Happy Friday!

Richy T.—I didn’t say the F word.

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