Is it just me, or does the rapid-fire frequency of Fitness Friday demand that I loosen my interpretation of “fitness” on a weekly basis. This week, I’m stretching “fitness” to include “preservation.” My mom is bonkers—and by “bonkers” I mean “young for her age.” So, I thought it might be nice to give the young-at-heart some tips on looking as young as they feel…and act…and wish they were. Sound good?

1) Optics: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but without the right highlights, your eye can be older than you hope. A little white liner along the lower lid will give you a fresh and lively look, even if you’re still recuperating from a champagne brunch. Ditch the under-eye bags and opt for something a little more dazzling…bags and purses…coming soon. You didn’t hear it from me.

2) Berry Crazy. The high antioxidant content of fruits like blueberries and cranberries have been shown to reduce cognitive decline. No clue what I’m talking about? Have some berries.

3) Laugh. Did you see that joke up there. One line up? I wasn’t being mean; I was trying to make you laugh. Why? Because laughter promotes healthy circulation, and healthy circulation means all sorts of fun things like well-oxygenated blood, glowing skin, lack of headaches, and being alive. Score!

4) Speaking of Oxygen: I suggest you invest in a hyperbaric chamber to sleep in. It works for Madonna, according to some very reputable trashy magazines. If that’s not in your budget, then skip item four.

5) Wear hot shoes. Dressing too young can make you look older, but killer shoes instantly rejuvenate any outfit. I’m not just saying that because I work for ShoeDazzle—although that’s a big part of it.

This weekend, make your mom feel young. Seriously, that’s the best gift you can get her. Breakfast in bed? Overrated. Flowers? Yawn. “World’s Best Mom” pin? Okay, that one’s pretty cool. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and everyone who has a mom!

Richy T—where’s my purse?

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