If you’re anything like me, you ditched the diet halfway through the costume party and woke up covered in Cheeto dust. Happy Halloween! Fine—I know it’s so “two weeks ago” but the memory lingers like a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. How are we going to fix this?

Step 1: Put down the Cheeto flavored Doritos. Changing your diet and doing nothing else can have a dramatic effect on your figure. It took me awhile to figure that out because I ended up binging on Funyuns. #Mybad.

Step 2: Fall for layers. The holidays may fill you with cheer and other assorted positive things, but mostly they fill you with turkey and ham. Ergo, you’ll love vests and button-ups. Center attention on your chest to look slim and #greatmazing.

Step 3: Take a break. You’ve been prepping for Halloweeen since May—maybe that’s just me—it’s time to let loose. A little indulgence after a drought can actually boost your metabolism and help you look fit. What?!? #Funyuns

Step 4: Buy new clothes. Nothing makes me feel better than a little attention from salespeople who are paid to pay me attention; I leave the store broke– but feeling hot. Button-ups, vests, and halters, are the most slimming #FYI


Shoe it up, Richy T. – How many times can I mention halters?

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