I run around pretending I can make anything work. Not in the Lady Gaga way, but in the “can I hit up the mall in this outfit?” way. Rest assured; I always stroll through the mall looking stellar. One time, this random girl took a picture with me. True story. However, while I am deluded enough to believe I always look amazing, I don’t always feel that way—so I cheat. I’m a cheater. This Fitness Friday is your cheat sheet for those times you don’t feel fit but must insist on looking that way.

Cheater Hint # 1: Safety pins. I promise. I rarely leave the house without a dozen of them keeping everything in place. Sure; I have issues getting through airport security, but I travel locally looking insanely put-together—if I do say so myself.

Cheater Hint #2: Superficiality times ten. Breech beauty is overrated. If you can face yourself in the mirror feeling—and looking—good, then who cares if you look a mess from the side or from the back. I’m currently styling a music video, and half these people look a mess if you see them from the side or back. See hint #1; binder clips work, too.

Cheater Hint #3: Vests. The vest is a woefully overlooked garment. It slims your waist without broadening your shoulders. Hourglass much? I’m a boy though, so I have to rely on V-necks. Hint for the guys.

You can attribute this week’s Fitness Friday to my experience on set at a music video. I’ve been here a few days, and I’ve learned a lot about how I’m right most of the time.

Richy T. – I need a vest.

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