Friday after Labor Day barbeques—sounds like a problem. Can I do a Fit-less Friday? Maybe. Other than the three-day weekend, I’ve been working out maniacally, and now I’m tired. I’m really tired. I just fell asleep. Am I awake? Nope. The hardest thing about working out is balancing the gym with my strict Golden Girls schedule and Cheeto-centric relaxation. How do I “veg out” while I’m trying to be “flamin’ hot?”

The truth about fatigue is that your brain lies. Your brain says you’re exhausted long before your body agrees; so keep going. You’ll see results—or faint. Don’t faint. ShoeDazzle is not responsible for any of that. The goal is to make others swoon—not swoon yourself. Let me tell you, passing out on the treadmill is not cute. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) You’re crazy: As I indicated above, your brain is your biggest enemy when it comes to pushing physical limits. If your brain says “Stop”, do a little more, and you’ll feel insane while burning calories. I feel insane all the time, but cardio makes me feel better.

2) You’re crazy: Talk to yourself. If your body is telling you that you’re done, disagree. Most people wear headphones in the gym anyway, so feel free to tell yourself—out loud—that you’re amazing, you can do this, and that you are not afraid to do lunges in front of someone exceptionally hot.

3) You’re crazy: It’s all in your mind. Preemptively strike and convince yourself that you should work out. Imagine the payoff and the compliments and how amazing you’ll look in your ShoeDazzle shoes. You will! Get mental!

If you’re cognizant of your mind’s influence; working out will be so much more brainless.

Work it out,

Richy T—I’m crazier than you.

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