Irregardless … yes that’s a word, it’s in the dictionary. Anyway, starting over:

Irregardless of any holy status, the egg is a quintessential symbol of spring and life and rebirth and a bunch of other things that mean ‘it’s sunny’. So, before you begin hunting for sunny-side-ups, here’s some fitness-friendly advice on the ‘incredible, edible’ egg, minus the chicanery—sorry I was trying to reference chickens. Get it? No? Ok. What about a far-reaching allusion to being ‘chic’? Moving on.

13 essential nutrients – Yay. Thirteen is the coolest number ever! Have you ever tried booking a flight for Friday the 13th? Cheap! Plus, it’s the number of floors in a thirteen-story building; it’s the number of rolls in a baker’s dozen; and it’s the smallest, two-digit integer with the fewest letters in its name; but we’re focused on benefits so let’s think of it as big (like really big) in terms of nutrients.

6 grams of protein – Being a ‘Pro’ is the ultimate accolade. You’re a pro! See: It feels good! But PRO-tein will help you feel fuller longer (don’t ask ‘who’s Fuller?’) Eggs in the morning will accidentally reduce calorie intake throughout the day; you won’t feel hungry and you’ll end up eating less.

Eggs get a bad wrap – You can’t judge a book by its cover—unless the cover is really compelling. Shell out some sympathy for the falsely accused. According to this site, eggs aren’t connected to heart disease in healthy adults and may actually reduce blood pressure!

Looking ‘buff’ may not be your priority, but looking good ‘in the buff’ is always good. Eggs promote muscle development and prevent muscle decay. Isn’t the word ‘decay’ really gross? Yes.

I’m not sure if this applies, but if you’re rockin’ your ShoeDazzle shoes AND a baby bump, eating eggs will contribute to the brain development of your kid. It’ll also help boost your brain activity. So, you AND your 5th grader will definitely be smart! Check out for all the hard-boiled details.

Eggs have eye-healthy antioxidants. With healthy eyes, you’ll never have to ask whether that dress makes you look fat; you’ll just know you look good because you’ll see it in the mirror…with your healthy eyes. Good job!

Generally I like to give an odd number of tips, but I’ve decided to be ‘good’ this Friday. I hope these six tips help! Have a great weekend!

Richy T.
a.k.a. The New Ali—how many times do I have to mention that she left?

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