Normally, I read posts on the FanPage about how people can’t wait until the following month, and I think, “Next month is only 5 days away!” This month, I’m right there with you. Please, let it be July soon, because it’s been June for decades. I hope you’ve enjoyed the new site and new products.

If you remember, I used to be all about short workouts. Since then, I’ve changed my mind. I do that often, and my doctors say it’s okay as long as I’m crazy. Short workouts are convenient, but your body is smarter than that; it actually gets used to your routines. So, if you do 20 minutes on the stair climber every day, your body only cares about the first two weeks. After that, you’re basically climbing stairs for no reason while your body laughs at you.

The solution: switch it up.

I’m sure you’ve heard that slow and steady wins the race. Which race? Not sure: but it’s a great way to fool your body into working harder (and not laughing at you).

Rather than running for 20 minutes, walk super slowly for an hour. Call a friend, chat it up, and bide your time on the treadmill. Sure, there are people waiting, but who cares? Unless it’s me; in which case, hurry up.

If you’re into heavy lifting, switch to light weights for a few days. Your muscles are easily confused, and changing your workout will actually build more muscle in the long run—unless I’m waiting for the 5lb dumbbells; in which case, hurry up.

You know how you’re super cool because you can do 30 leg presses at 200 lbs? What if, instead, you did 200 leg presses at 30 lbs? Then your leg muscles would be more toned, you’d take forever, and I’d tell you to hurry up.

I love long workouts because they help me relax. I focus on not falling, and my mind is inordinately clear. I hope it works for you, too.

Richy T.—Hurry up.

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