I don’t know about you, but I’m always most concerned about being fit and healthy when suffering from‘5th slice of pizza’ guilt or ‘whole can of frosting’ guilt or ‘2am taco fest’ guilt. Yep. That next morning I am rededicated to eating right and going to the gym. So I peel the taco wrappers off my bed sheets, try not to trip on the empty can of frosting or the pizza box, and search for my gym pass, which may or may not be covered in hot sauce. What? I had a good night.

Pizza, tacos, and frosting happen to all of us—or am I alone on this one? Either way. When they happen (and they will happen), here’s some tips to get you back on the diet train. I was going to say ‘back on track’ but then I thought ‘diet train’ was funnier.

1- Eat breakfast. What? Why? Because you need to keep your metabolism going. If you don’t eat breakfast, the calories you inhaled last night will stick with you. Breakfast will also help reduce the amount you’ll eat throughout the day. Note: Stack of pancakes; not a good choice.

2- Just add water. Cold water. Your body will have to work harder to warm it up, and water will get your body back to burning fat. Note: Nowhere does it say you can’t put the water in a margarita glass, so drink up!

3- Do the walk of shame into the gym. Yes: Everybody is looking at you because you hooked up with the value menu last night. That should motivate you to do a few extra reps, a few more minutes on the elliptical, or at least spend less time pretending you’re trying to find a good song on your iPod. Just play your favorite and throw in a little dance move as you’re running. Note: Don’t fall—that’s way more embarrassing than the walk of shame.

Well, there you have it. It’s like I always say, “When life gives you pizza, tacos, and frosting, make sugar-free, diet lemonade.”

Happy Friday, ladies.

See you next week,

Richy T.—I’ll be getting my own, cool Dazzle icon any day now. You’re excited; I can tell.

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