There are some things you just have to do: charge your phone, put gas in your car, see the new Twilight, go to the gym, etc. I know; it’s not fair, because summer makes me want to lie out in the sun and be perfectly still. If only there were a way to play possum while burning calories and looking awesome—I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but since it did, I’ll take credit.
This Fitness Friday, let’s liberate ourselves from the idea that you have to move to tone and tighten. There are definitely ways to get physical without budging an inch (sorry, Olivia Newton John).

The Plank: Harder than it seems, this not-so-simple exercise will strengthen and tone you from the inside out. Lie down on your stomach, then brace yourself on your elbows while keeping your body perfectly rigid for 60, 30, or even 10 seconds. No crunch and all flex makes for an unexpectedly difficult ab workout.

The Shrug: I don’t know. I’m kidding—I know everything—but shrugging with weights is a great way to improve your posture, tighten your neckline, and reduce back pain. Hold some manageable hand weights while you try to make your shoulders touch your ears. Hold still for a bit, then repeat and keep extending the time you spend in that position. The longer you can hold it, the more benefits you’ll see.

The Tip Toe: While holding weights, stand on your tip toes like you’re trying to spy on your neighbor over the fence. Just make sure you spy for a while. With these, you’ll think, “This is easy,” for like a minute, but when it gets hard, force yourself to hold for a little longer; that’s when it’s working. Soon your calves will look great and you’ll be able to spend more time looking into your neighbor’s yard than ever before!

I hope you have a great 4th of July; maybe I’ll take some of my own advice and hit the gym—or at least do some of these exercises while I watch TV. Either way, Happy Fourth!

Richy T.—I hate putting gas in my car.

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