It’s Fitness Friday, and I can tell that you’re excited about it. I’m going to pretend you’re tense with anticipation and excitement at the thought of reading the clever little wellness tips I throw your way each week. I’m going to ignore the fact that you might be looking forward to your weekend plans and the fact that it’s about to be May 1st. Nope. Those things have no bearing on how anxious you feel right now—its all about the fitness. With that in mind, I thought we’d go a little mental this Fitness Friday before you get too crazy, break your mouse, and panic because you can’t shop for something at midnight. So, let’s all relax.

Rinse it off. Even before you head out for the night, it’s always a good idea to take a hot shower and wash off all the stress of the workweek. Don’t forget to sing, too. I find belting boyband songs to be the most therapeutic.

Throw a fit. Kick and scream and stomp your feet. It actually feels really good, unless you haven’t left the office yet. Then it’s awkward for everyone around you.

Write about it. The crazy stuff I write is only a tiny fraction of all the crazy stuff that goes through my head; but I’d be on the verge all the time without an outlet. You’ll be at the computer eagerly awaiting some mysterious event that happens tonight at midnight anyway. Might as well write down all the things you’d say to that girl at work who won’t let you live down that one tantrum you threw that one time.

Now that you’ve had your Fitness Friday, let the madness ensue.

Richy T.—ease up on the mouse; the shoes are coming.

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