I’ve asked around, and my trainer friends seem to agree that lunges are the best, quickest, and coolest leg workout you can do. We all know that high heels work your calves like a ranch hand, but if you want a total-leg workout that’ll heighten the hottness of your favorite ShoeDazzle shoes, lunges are the way to go!

-Targeted exercises, like the leg press, only work part of your leg. Lunges get it all: the front, the back, the side. Why not get the most for your effort?

-Don’t trip! Lunges help improve balance and agility. They’ll probably come in handy when you’re stomping around in 6-inch, platform stilettos this weekend.

-In addition to glamming your gams, lunges tone and firm your bootylicious assets.

-Google it; if you do lunges incorrectly, especially with weights, you can actually do more harm than good. Ask a trainer or check online. Just make sure you’re doing your lunges right and they’ll do you right in return.

The ladies who lunge look fabulous and fit! Join us!

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