It’s ‘Fitness Friday’ so here’s a list of reasons why a Friday workout is so great!

1. The gym is empty! That means there’s no waiting for equipment, no creepy lurkers, and no need to stay cute while you work up a sweat! It also means you can probably get your workout done in a fraction of the time.

2. It’s a great warm-up. I’m sure you have some killer dance moves to debut tonight; but if you plan on dipping it low later, you might want to limber up first!

3. Cardio doesn’t stop when you hop off the elliptical; a little exercise will keep burning extra calories all night long, even if you plan on a decadent dinner post-workout!

4. Detox. Not only will a good sweat clear your pores and make your skin radiant for your evening plans, but physical activity will purge a week’s worth of stress and anxiety so you can really let loose!

5. Boost your confidence. Whether you workout all the time or can’t remember the last time you saw your gym pass, even a swift workout will help you feel fabulous in the outfit you’ve chosen for tonight!

Ultimately, it’s about being healthy; and your fitness is as important as the fit of your ShoeDazzle shoes!

Have a great workout and a great weekend!

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