If you ladies are looking for a great workout, try being Kyle’s personal assistant in the beginning of the month. After dodging Kyle’s way-too-on-top-of-it wrath, I’ve seriously never felt more aerobically fit. I’m out of breath right now. As you might have guessed, the past four days more than made up for the Monday we missed. That Monday, I went to the beach; it was great, and I totally forgot it was June 1st when I came back. In short? I’m fried.

Know what else is short? Sprints. This Fitness Fried Day is all about sprints. That means you try really hard for a short amount of time instead of barely trying for the hour you “spend” at the gym. Kyle, I’m going to have to call you back—I’m sprinting. Hold for applause.

-Lunge for a whole song. Instead of counting your lunges, try doing as many as you can during your favorite song. I’m sorry if your favorite song is the full version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” because you’re looking at 5 minutes and 55 seconds of quadriceptive torture. I made up that adjective; I know what an adjective is and I’m not crazy.

– Pedal to the mettle. Are you brave enough to push yourself? Try pedaling on the recumbent bike as fast as you can. No crying. Do a short, 5-minute workout by pedaling comfortably for two minutes, above 175 RPM for one minute, comfortably for 30 seconds, as fast as you can for 30 seconds, and cooling down for one minute. Also, adjust the resistance when you crank up the speed, otherwise you’ll look crazy.

-I’ve talked about the benefits of walking, but if you run for a short while between leisurely strolls through the gym, you can multiply the benefits of your workout. I recommend running on the treadmill though, because otherwise, people just think there’s a fire or that you’re crazy.

It’s been a crazy week, and I’m looking forward to a crazy weekend.

Wishing you the same,

Richy T.—5’ 7” is not short.

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