From the AC to Summertime Slay Me: A Guide to Staying Chic & Warm in the Office This Summer

Let’s get something out of the way here; offices are notoriously FREEZING during the warmer months of the summer. It may be to keep productivity up during the summer lull, or because it’s so crazy hot and humid outside. Either way, we’re sure you can relate to almost rocking a pair of gloves at your desk. Fortunately, there is a chic and easy way to look cool but not feel like you’re ready for the snow. What to wear-summertime slay Say it with us now: layering. The most convenient and effective way to stay warm at your desk. We like the idea of a light trench coat over your summer ensemble, or even a breezy jumpsuit paired with a leather jacket. The options are endless! Check out our favorite layered looks, featuring the Cheska pumps and the Kimbella sandals! Stay cozy my friends!

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