Get Cozy for National Cappuccino Day!

Wake up sleepy head! It’s National Cappuccino Day! Today, we celebrate the extra-frothy, caffeinated deliciousness in return for all the times it has been there, like getting us through college midterms and early morning meetings after a long night.

I mean really, what’s a girl without her coffee?! Let’s be honest, we know it’s the only reason you get out of that super-comfy bed of yours every morning.

How do I celebrate? You might ask. We have the answer!


Spend your morning at the local coffee shop with a good read and load up your frothed cappuccino with cinnamon or ask for a pretty, artistic design on the top. As you sip from the warm mug, you’ll need an outfit to match the cozy atmosphere. We suggest going for the comfortably chic Signature Skinny jean and the over-sized Boxy Turtleneck Tunic. Pair them with the Jarae booties- known for its knitted sweater cuff detail and be sure to bring the day’s essentials in your Longridge bag since you’ll (unfortunately) have to head off to work after your lovely morning.

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