We’re Giving You the Down-Low on Keeping Your “Down There” Bikini-Ready

Spoiler alert: bikini season is here and this is NOT a drill! We know you’ve spent 6+ months working on your #fitnessgoals and prepping for your beach bod, but that’s only half the work. You’ve gotta get the tan right, those toes done, and that perfect beach glow… not to mention that flattering string bikini. But what about down there?

You wanna be known for your beach waves on your head and not in other places on your body *wink wink*. So how should you mow your lawn this season? We did our research, and took waxing and laser hair removal for a spin. Here’s the down-low on down there. 😉


We’ve been led to believe that getting a bikini wax is a small form of torture, however my experience at Silverlake’s Brave Kitty Waxing was far from torture; it was actually pleasurable! Brave Kitty Waxing’s owner, Marcela Avalos, is a pro when it comes to waxing and the whole experience took all of 10 mins to get bikini ready!

On a scale of 1-10, I would say the pain is about a 4 or 5. However, for those who have a low threshold for pain, Marcela suggests taking an ibuprofen an hour before your service to help minimize the pain! Marcela’s shop was extremely clean and tidy which really put me at ease and, like I said before, the service was over before I knew it! All-in-all, I would highly recommend the bikini wax route for those who are looking to be smooth for 4-6 weeks, and who aren’t ready to commit to something more permanent like laser treatments.

Check out some of the benefits:

Laser Hair Removal

I must say, I was terrified for this experience. I’m a chronic waxer, and have gotten pretty used to getting that area snatched – literally. But I wasn’t sure about how the laser would feel because it was so new for me. I heard the feeling was comparable to rubber band popping, but I will admit I was a bit hesitant.

After entering the Cosmetic LaserWorks studio in Beverly Hills, all my apprehension was gone (whew)! I was greeted by the owner, Robin, and instantly coached through the entire process. First step: Numbing! They provide the cream, and all you have to do is apply it, and let it sit for 30-45 minutes. The best numbing results are at least 45 minutes, so make sure to come a bit early or apply at home. Don’t forget to come with the area fully shaved, as the laser will need a follicle present in order to penetrate, and eventually kill the follicle after multiple treatments.

Once you’re all numb down there, it’s time to get your treatment. I must say, the pain was very minimal if any! The process was super quick and easy, and only took about 25 minutes!

A few things to note about laser hair removal:

  • The best results require 6-8 sessions.
  • You should schedule your appointment 4-6 weeks apart. Do not wax or tweeze between.
  • Laser hair removal is ineffective for blonde, grey, or red hair because the laser is attracted to a dark follicle.
  • You must avoid direct sunlight to the area after treatment.

Now for the good stuff! Here are the benefits of laser hair removal:

So, does it get the official Dazzle Seal of Approval? Yes! I would totally recommend laser hair removal for permanent hair removal. I mean, who wouldn’t want no hair down there?! Interested in trying laser hair removal for yourself? Give Cosmetic LaserWorks a call for a special $25 off promo. Just mention ShoeDazzle!

Okay ladies…now that you got the down-low on down there, how’re you going to mow your lawn? Drop us a comment below!


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