Happy 4th! Today we’re celebrating four things American and beautiful…

An American Classic: The Western Boot

Taking inspiration from the cowboy boot, which made its debut in the 1800s in Kansas and Texas, this look is pure Americana and a perennial favorite. Our patriotic pick: The Selinis. Try matching this rustic-chic boot with anything from cutoff shorts to a printed maxi dress.


An American Staple: Blue Jeans

Originally developed for industrial wear and tear, denim has become a style institution. It’s the simplicity that makes a statement, and you can trace history through the silhouettes of the day. Try The Boy Jean, Cool Crop, or Mid Rise Flare on and see where your favorite pair takes you.


American Women: Our Beautiful Clients

Thank you for always wearing your ShoeDazzle spirit from head to toe. A company is never anything without passionate clients. There is no way we could have grown into the brand we are today without a dedicated set of trendsetters and ShoeDazzle lovers.  You are our best models!


American Heroes: A Salute to 3 Clients Serving Our Country

We’re proud to include women in the military and military families among our clients. Three such women who are members of our Stiletto Society were generous enough to share their stories, along with a little peek at their personal style. Thank you Jasmine, Kelly, and Oneika!

Jasmine Jones (San Antonio, Texas)

I joined the US NAVY in June 2010 and fell in love with my new lifestyle immediately. I was a Yeoman (Administration) and perfected my job as any well-groomed sailor would. The friendships and comradery that bloomed over the years will be cherished for a lifetime. Unfortunately, in October 2014 I received an Honorable Discharge due to health issues but the NAVY will always have a place in my heart! Now as I take on my civilian lifestyle I have found a whole new look on life. The NAVY has groomed me into the woman and citizen I am today. When I meet new people and they ask did I serve, I proudly say YES!! 

I joined the ShoeDazzle Ambassador program in April 2014. This is the greatest company I have ever been involved with and wouldn’t change a thing! 

Kelly Young (Kailua, Hawaii)

I became a United States Marine in July of 2000.  While on active duty, I worked in logistics, loading ships, helicopters and cargo planes.  I spent my entire enlistment stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where I traveled to many foreign countries for various deployments.  I was injured on duty in 2005 and was medically removed from service.

After leaving active duty, I began to embrace my femininity and started wearing high heels.  It was instant love and I never looked back – they’ve only gotten higher and higher!  I’m still a tomboy on the inside and go to the range regularly, but today I drive a truck in my skirt and heels. 

Thank you ShoeDazzle for making my collection so large and fabulous and for acknowledging our Veterans.

 Oneika Bristol (Greenville, South Carolina)

I joined the Army straight out of high school as a Private First Class in August, 2000. I did my Basic Training and AIT (job training) as Human Resource specialist at Fort Jackson, SC. After that I went to my first duty Station in Seoul, Korea, where I did a one-year tour and was over there when 9/11 took place! I met my husband over in Korea as well. After leaving in February 2002, I left Korea and went to my 2nd Duty Station back to Fort Jackson, SC at a Meddac Unit.

I tell you, I was blessed in my Military Career. I also had my last two children while in military. I got out of the Military after serving 8.5 years in the Army from a Medical Discharge in March 2009, and now I’m a Army Veteran. I’m still living in Virginia with my husband and three beautiful children: two girls and a boy. 

I joined ShoeDazzle in November 2010 and became a Brand Ambassador for ShoeDazzle in October 2014 and I love it! Thanks Stiletto Society for this wonderful opportunity.  

Contributors: Valerie F. & Laura K.


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