Happy Birthday, Channing!

Like a good bottle of wine, Mr. Tatum only seems to get finer with age. In honor of this dreamboat’s 36th birthday, we want to know how you’d step up your dating game if you ever met Channing IRL.


  1. Which Channing movie love story would you like to live out?
    a)  21 Jump Street-style opposites attract
    b)  Riding that Magic Mike pony
    c)  The dance partners Step Up slow burn
  2. What music video’s dance moves would you steal to get Channing’s attention?
    a)  Drake’s “Hotline Bling”
    b)  Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”
    c)  Beyonce’s “Formation”
  3. How would you get Channing sweating on a date?
    a)  Eating spicy Southern BBQ with the ultimate Southern gentleman
    b)  Kettlebell work out — and I’m the kettlebell
    c)  Working it out together on the dance floor
  4. What shoe would you wear on a first date with Channing?
    a)  Block-heel booties
    b)  Statement-making platforms
    c)  Wedge sneakers



Mostly As: Strictly Platonic
Okay, Jonah. We think you and Channing are better as besties.

Mostly Bs: Fiya
Get ready to burn some calories with Channing in an affair to remember.

Mostly Cs: Sole Mates
Watch your back, Jenna. There’s some serious chemistry happening here.

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