Happy HoliDazzle!

Happy Holidazzle to our amazing fans and lovers of everything that sparkles! Tis’ the season for holiday cheer, and of course we can’t forget a little dazzle! We’ve been nice all year, and we’re happy to celebrate the things we love about the holiday’s. Here’s your chance to meet some of our amazing dazzlers that support you all year-long. 🙂


My name is Shayla, and I am the Social Media Coordinator for ShoeDazzle. I’m the one that puts together the social media content you love and enjoy on our social pages. Whether I’m directing a model, or stepping into sexy pumps for a photoshoot, I am dedicated to bringing fun and engaging content for the fans. I guess you can say, I have a pretty cool gig. I particularly love the holiday season because I’m addicted to the joy it brings. Everyone gets just a little bit closer, and a little brighter. I’m a ball of non-stop smiles and giggles during this time.


My name is Maggie, and I’m the Social Media Manager for ShoeDazzle. Like 99% of most girls, I’m totally addicted to shoes and can talk about styles, colors and textures for hours! Holiday season has a very special place in my heart: not only do I get glammed-up with my coworkers, but we also get to be silly and have fun in front of the camera. After all, ‘Tis the Season to Dazzle’!


Hi! I’m Melody, and I am the Marketing Project Manager for ShoeDazzle. In a nutshell, I’m the one who makes sure things get done when they need to be! One of my favorite activities during the holiday is finding the best seasonal deals. This is a great time to stock up on a new wardrobe to ring in the new year!


I’m the Production Coordinator here at ShoeDazzle, and I help organize and plan our photoshoots from helping find locations, booking models, to prepping our shoes, handbags and accessories! My favorite thing about the holiday is seeing everyone’s creativity spark through gifting, wrapping, decorating, cooking, and just seeing everyone smile a little bit more!

What is your favorite part about the holiday’s?


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