Holiday Lovers Unite, This #Throwback Movie List is for You

There’s just something about the holidays that makes us want to #NetflixAndChill…you feel us? And when it comes to movie nights, there’s nothing better than slipping on your comfiest pajamas, whipping up some piping hot cocoa, and plopping yourself on the couch with a comfy blanket and your boo – until it comes time to pick a flick.

Choosing a movie that both parties agree on is a conundrum most couples can agree on, which is why we’re here to help… for the holiday season at least. Whether it’s a holiday classic or a hysterically funny newbie, the movies below are perfect for the holiday season and beyond. The only problem: finding time to fit ‘em all in on your days off.

Ahead, the holiday movies we can’t wait to watch this season.

The Holiday


A romantic story about how a change of address can change a life, The Holiday will inspire you to go after what you want.



This hilarious flick stars the amazing Will Farrell and is about an elf who is sent to the North Pole in search of his true self. You won’t stop laughing – trust us.

A Christmas Story


A classic Christmas film that everyone must see, A Christmas Story is based on a beloved book that everyone should read come the holidays.

This Christmas


Perfect for those with siblings, this movie is all about family bonds and the secrets behind them. It’s heartwarming to say the least.

Home Alone


An eight-year old troublemaker has to protect his house when he’s left solo during a family vacation, and the results are hilarious. The slapstick comedy is the best.

The Grinch


Directed by Ron Howard, this creative film is based on Dr. Seuss’ Christmas book. The characters are the best, but the makeup and special effects are even better.

A Bad Moms Christmas


This one is coming soon, but we’re definitely heading to the theatres to see it! A sequel to the uber-popular flick, Bad Moms, it’s sure to be a laugh-fest!. See it with your girlfriends.

A Nightmare Before Christmas


A beautiful, wonderful, and uniquely crafted film, this scary animated film features some of the best music in the game.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Story


If you have kids, you’ve probably seen this movie one-hundred plus times. A classic in its own right, the story behind this holiday classic is downright heartwarming.

It’s a Wonderful Life


This film is one of the most loved flicks in the world. It teaches us all that life – however hectic it may be – is really one of the most precious gifts in the world.

Do you have any go-to holiday movies you love? Share your favorites with us in the comment section below – we’ll be sure to add it to our list!

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