Smoke Show: How High… Is Your Heel?

Let’s be blunt – the higher the better. (We’re talking heels that is) Here at ShoeDazzle, we’re all about getting lit and we got the city on fire with our top high heel favorites!  Ditch the basics because these styles are more than just a hit.

It ain’t safe, are you ready for the smoke show?

Move over Mary Jane! DeeDee adds a zigzag flair to your classic pumps and are nowhere near a one-hit wonder.  No limits here: let her be the statement piece to your outfit whether it’s a dress or a pair of jeans.


We took it upon ourselves to weed out all the other shoes and hand-picked this silver stiletto as the perfect pair for your LBD. these Bellatrice heels are guaranteed to smoke out the competition.  


Roll up anywhere in these babies! The Cadance heel works hard so you can play hard. Get straight to the point with a pump that can take you from cubical to cocktails. These versatile heels fit anything your day could hit you with.

How high would you let these heels take you?

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