How To Wear Your New Moto-Inspired Boots

I spent several years working for Harley-Davidson, and while I knew everything about the rider, I knew nothing about the ride. Earlier this year I finally got to ride on the back of a friend’s Harley-Davidson, and for a month I became obsessed with wanting to buy a motorcycle. Then, I remembered that driving in Los Angeles is already dangerous enough, but for a brief moment, the idea of zipping past all the traffic sounded like paradise. In the meantime, I figured the least I could do is rock some epic motorcycle-inspired outfits, and help you do the same. After all, tough girl chic is totally my jam!

DedraIf your outfit begins with black then you’re headed in the right direction! I think a good moto-inspired outfit comes down to the right balance of understated, think simple t-shirt, and overstated, think rivets, studs, buckles, zippers and fringe. But not all at once… whoa there! Add a faux leather jacket, paired with a not-so-girly boot or bootie and… voila!

I prefer skinny black jeans or a slim-leg pair of pants with a black v-neck. Then I like to spruce it up with a studded jacket and some killer boots. Dedra has a nice classic look, but with a minimal twist. The side lacing makes it perfect for casual everyday wear.

ArieAnother take on the slim-leg pants are these moto-leggings, paired with an over-sized sweater. The ribbed knee panels lead to a sportier look, and pairs well with the detailing on the shoulders of the sweater. The Arie boot is the icing on the cake. Look closely and you’ll notice the bronze buckles pair perfectly with the zipper on the bottom of the legging. Swipe right!


If you’re opting for something girly, then a short skirt and tall boot will make you look like the sexy passenger. This outfit is all about the boots, so the simpler the outfit the more your boots will shine, literally. These high-gloss skin-tight boots, Brianna, are perfect for that sexy vibe. Don’t be afraid to add a red lip for that pop of color.

What’s your moto-look?

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