Introducing Our New Line: Heel Max by ShoeDazzle

Do your feet ache after a long day at the office? Are you looking for the perfect shoes to rock at a weekend music festival? Worry no more! Our new line of shoes – Heel Max by ShoeDazzle can get you through everything from work to play in both comfort and style!

Ralonda (pictured above)

This electric blue, textured pump is to die for! I mean, just looking at it makes us want to hit the dance floor! Wouldn’t you agree? With a slight cushion added, thanks to Heel Max, this sexy platform is everything! Who says I can’t dance, balance 3 drinks, and look fabulous doing it all at the same time?


Festival season is just around the corner, so make the most of it by strolling through the desert in this tribal wedge featuring Heel Max. Bam, baby! Now you can focus on the music and having fun with your friends, rather than worrying about your outfit, or your feet hurting!

If you wish to tone it down a tad, this platform is the best of the Heel Max collection. This denim platform is polished, and on-trend. The added air cushion to this espadrille gives a relaxed, beach vibe. Think of date night by the water, with a mojito in hand. Now that’s perfection!

APRIL FOOLS! Aren’t we heel-arious?! Don’t worry, you can still totally buy these sexy styles on our site, just without the Heel Max feature.

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