Is There Such Things As Too High When It Comes To Slits?

We will never tire of good, old-fashioned cleavage, but we do adore a new way to show some skin. That’s why when the world took notice of Angelina’s leg at the Oscar’s we were devising a plan to work the high slitted skirt into our sexy repertoire and get a leg-up on the competition, so to speak. Unexpected and very risque, this look has that hard-to-find combo of being both subtle and totally in your face. We love, love, love it, but how to pull it off without looking over the top?

The thigh-high slit comes in varied forms. Traditionally, or maybe, not-so-traditonally, it comes to a screeching halt below your hip bone on one side. Easier-to-wear styles have slits that reach just above the knee, and these are equally enticing, though subtler. There are lots of maxi skirts on the market with slits on both sides, making for lots of legs and also big trouble when the wind blows. Tight or flowing, skirts or dresses, tone down the legginess of the look with wedges for daytime or casual wear and then go all the way in stilettos for night or when you want to make a statement. But as always, when you’re showing off one asset, be sure to keep everything else in check, that means boobs, ladies, because this look really demands all eyes on leg. Plus we’d really hate to literally stop traffic and cause a car wreck. Be safe.


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