It’s Sandal Season: Define your Legs

Getting ready for summer is one of the best feelings! Longer days, warmer weather, beach trips, and more time for shopping are some of our favorite things to do this season! After a happy hour with my girlfriends, it’s time we hit the boutiques. As I was in the dressing room trying on jean shorts, I thought: I need to do something about my legs.

They have been hibernating in jeans all winter. After all, it’s wedge and sandal season! So voilà! Gradual, sunless-lotion for the win! Not only does it moisturize but it builds a nice, deeper tan with each application. Wearing lighter shoes, such as the Chrissy wedges, require flawless skin. I chose the Neutrogena-Build a Tan lotion because it has the affects of a spray tan, without the messy clean up and staining. I’ve been applying this lotion daily for about 3 weeks, and already see a difference! I’ll be Summer ready in no time!


The great thing about tanning lotions is that they are available for different skin tones and shades. If you’re looking for more of an even tone for your natural color, try the Jergens-Natural Glow. Over time, this miracle lotion helps you shed dry skin, and helps you create that glow affect that every woman wants. It’s perfect for a Summer-sexy night out. Don’t forget your Maldives wedges! Werk!


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