L.A. “It Girl” Giveaway!

When we’re getting ready to hit the town, meet up for drinks or attend a posh soirée, we’re always checking that not only is our whole outfit on point, but so is our manicure.  Check and check.

With that said, it only made sense for us to team up with the hottest nail gurus in the business, NCLA.  We got together with our very chic friends there and started discussing how we could make this giveaway extra special.

Since ShoeDazzle and NCLA are both born and raised in the city of angels, Los Angeles, we decided that it was only appropriate to title this the “L.A. ‘It Girl’ Giveaway.  We wanted the looks to be ours and ours only so we called our very talented friend Natalie from Nail Swag to lend us her hands.  She helped us curate some amazing one-of-a-kind looks with the polishes and nail wraps.

With that said, we’re really excited to share these looks and styles with you and hope you love them just as much as loved creating them!  Whether you’re a Hollywood & Vine Starlet, a Malibu Beach Babe, a Beverly Hills Bunny or So LA, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to miss a chance to win!

We’re handing out 20 sets of NCLA polishes worth $200 and $100 of ShoeDazzle swag to go with it.  Ready to score some ultimate freebies?  We thought so.

Enter here-> http://bit.ly/SDxNCLAxLAITGIRL to win!

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