Let Your Shoes Do the Talking In These Outspoken Styles

Are you ever just so done with telling people what you’re all about that you wish you just had a t-shirt or something to say it for you? We’re right there with you, girl! Which is why we seriously love these shoes. They’re all about that extra lifestyle you’re trying to live, and they say it all for you.

We love a good wedge sneaker for obvious reasons; so when we find a gem like Katerina that will let people know we’re here to #slay all day, we simply can’t resist!

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Speaking of slay… if you prefer that pumped up glam life over a laid-back sneaker, then this chic beauty is for you! Added perk: she’s office-approved so you can let all of your coworkers know what you’re there to do.

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When everyone is already fully aware of how much you can slay, it’s time to switch it up with the Queen pump! You’re here to be a boss b*tch. No questions about that when you’ve got a shoe like this to flaunt.

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Which shoe speaks for you most? Tell us in the comments below!


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