Let’s Wine About It! Find Out What Your Fave Wine Says About You

I may or may not be sipping on a little sump’n sump’n as I write this (please don’t tell my boss)… but it’s really all just for the sake of the job, I swear! I haven’t exactly learned anything about my personality just yet, but you know what I have learned? That I LOVE wine. And if you’re reading this post, I think it’s safe to assume you do, too.

Whatever your go-to vino might be, there’s no judgement here. You like wine for goodness sake! That already makes you a winner. Just find your fave below and we’ll tell you exactly what kind of person that makes you.

PINOT GRIGIO – You’re like the Ramona Singer of your friend group.

First off, I’m not even going to apologize for that Real Housewives of New York reference. Second of all, if you love Pinot Grigio and you don’t get the reference, are you really that obsessed with it? You’re the life of the party wherever you go, and you do not have a care in the world what other people think of you. I mean, your favorite wine is Pinot Grigio. Enough said.

ROSÉ – You’re unapologetically basic and never miss a Sunday brunch.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you basic is a bad thing. Own that sh*t, girl! You’re probably also super into drinking freshly pressed green juices, hitting the same pilates studio all the celebs are at, you have at least one pic on your Insta of a Unicorn Frapp, and you count down the days to the start of Fall for all-things pumpkin flavored.

SANGRIA – You’re all about that “extra” lifestyle.

Having a glass of red or white wine just isn’t enough for you, and that’s okay. Your choice in wine is similar to the way you live life – you want everything to be over-the-top. You can literally say, “I woke up like this,” because you probably did actually sleep in full glam. You don’t go anywhere without your ring light and you sprinkle salt on your meals as dramatically as the “Salt Bae.”

CABERNET SAUVIGNON – You’re basically up for anything.  

With a wine that tastes good at practically any price, you clearly don’t have very high standards. You’re probably known to pick the “wrong” guys almost always and when you go wine tasting you’re the girl that loves every kind she tries. Life’s much more enjoyable when you’re so easily satisfied, so go you!

ZINFANDEL – You’re an old-school kind of girl.

This style of wine is a classic and has been a favorite years before any of us existed, so if it’s yours too, there’s no doubt that #ThrowbackThursday is probably the day of the week you always look forward to on Instagram. You have a ’90s playlist on Spotify that you listen to regularly, and your favorite movies definitely aren’t recent releases.

How did we do? Comment below and tell us which wine is most like you!

Now go enjoy a glass (or bottle) of your favorite vino because it’s wine o’clock somewhere. Cheers!


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