Life Hack: How to Organize Your Shoes Like a Pro

Hey ShoeDazzle girls! We are LeiLani and KeiLani, fraternal twins with Design & Order, which specializes in Professional Organizing and Interior Design. We are excited to share with you a mix of our favorite spring shoe organizing hacks that can work with your unique style, space, and budget!


With spring around the corner, it’s time to get your life in order! With the weather warming up, sandals are making their debut, and thigh-highs-not so much. Check out these easy tips!

Floating Wall Shelves


Use Floating Wall Shelves to store shoes in plain sight. This is also a great way to display your faves!

Shoe Bins


Clear, Stackable Shoe Bins are a quick and practical way to store a variety of shoe styles including heels, boots, and flip flops!

Decorative Boxes


If you prefer to keep things a bit more hidden away, Decorative Boxes are a great option for storing your shoes. We recommend adding cute nicknames on the boxes so you can quickly identify which pair is in each box.

Shoe Hangers


Hang them up! Believe it or not, those cool Shoe Hangers we have all seen in stores can be purchased to use in your own home and your own closet!

Under the Bed Shoe Storage


How low can you go? How about under your bed?! Under-Bed Shoe Storage is a great way to make use of that often unused space.

And there you have it! We hope you love these life hacks for spring! Make sure to drop us a comment below, and follow us @designandorderllc! 


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