Ask the Stylist: How to Wear Lucite

Q: How did you know you wanted to work as a stylist?

I never realized it was a real job until I went to school, since it was a fashion college there was many people interested in it. It was a natural progression from where I started in Merch and what I loved to do.

Q: Do you plan what you are going to wear the night before or morning of?

Usually the night before. Or even a few days before.  I think of a few ideas and spread them out through the week. Doesn’t always work though 😛

Q: Any tips or tricks to the #ShoeDazzleGirls for feeling her best?

Being comfortable is so important. If I am not comfortable with what I am wearing, I lose confidence in it. I’m sure that shows more than anything! Always be into what you’re wearing, and have fun with it!


A: BOTH! Lucite styles offers a lot of versatility and you can style it with almost anything.



With the summer heating up, for date night, it’s appropriate to show a little more skin and shorten those hemlines for a fun sexy look. We chose a nude lucite because it creates a sleek vibe to the look while allowing the outfit to still be sexy.


The best airport looks start with a comfortable base. That’s why we went for our favorite ripped jeans with a block lucite bootie that goes on and off easily.


Brunch with your girls are always fun and flirty so we chose a floral midi dress. We wanted a pop of color so went with an orange lucite heel. It’s comfortable & sexy at the same time.


A: YES, just make sure you choose the right type of heel to dance the night away in!


A: No! A way to style lucite heel for work is to pair it with your favorite work skirt/trouser with a feminine top. We paired it with a nude color to tone down the cool factor of the lucite, but still work appropriate.


Q: It’s lovely being a stylist here at SD, b/c I get to explore styling trends & express myself creatively through fashion


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